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Tourist Activities In Ubud

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kecak danceFor more than eighty years, which is located in Ubud Gianyar, Bali, has enthralled foreign travelers. Ubud is able to provide long lasting memories for everyone who comes to visit. In fact, Ubud became a search of love Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, which is then made into a film of the same name and starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. There are a variety of experiences that can be learned for tourists.

Ubud assessed as a center of art and culture. So every tourist activity was related to culture, closeness to nature, the spiritual, and the relationship between human beings. Every activity in Ubud was finally able to give a deep impression on them. If you visit Ubud be prepared to fall in love at the magical aura of Ubud. Aura that makes you calm and always make you yearn to go back to Ubud. Balinese people call this aura as "Taksu". Tourist activities you can do in Ubud.

1. Yoga. Ubud is identical with yoga. People come from all over the world to learn yoga in Ubud. Not just for beginners, professionals also enjoy yoga sessions in Ubud. Hotels in Ubud also polish up with yoga. Start of providing free yoga classes for guests to provide a special place for yoga. Most places that yoga has natural scenery such as a garden or views of the rice fields.

One of the famous Yoga is the Yoga Barn at Hanuman Road. "Yoga Barn" has a variety of yoga classes both for the short and intensive class. Greet the morning with yoga sun in the middle of the natural scenery typical of Ubud.

2. Ride a bicycle. Cycling activities in the middle of rice fields are the most popular activities of tourists during a trip in Ubud. Bicycle rental is actually easy to find in Ubud. Starting from just around the city center to rent a mountain bike to ride as far to Kintamani. It is better you take a package tour by bike.

3. Balinese cooking class. Cooking class in Ubud was rising. The restaurant and the hotel provides cooking class for tourists. The material taught is Balinese menus such as "Sate Lilit and Lawar", as well as Indonesian cuisine such as fried rice, gado-gado, or yellow rice. Participants will be invited to a cooking class usually prior to the traditional markets. Therefore, some of the class started in the morning. Currently on the market, participants will buy direct materials needed.

4. Visiting a museum. Ubud is a district with the largest museum in Gianyar. There are six museums can be visited. Almost everything related to art and painting. For example, the "Museum Puri Lukisan" which is the first museum in Bali. Inimenampilkan museum collections Balinese paintings in the course of three eras, ranging from the kingdom of Bali to the independence of Indonesia. There are also other art museums such as the Neka Art Museum, Don Antonio Blanco Museum, Museum Rudana, and Agung Rai Museum of Art. While the latest museum owned Ubud is the Museum Marketing 3.0, which was inaugurated in 2011.

5. Watch Kecak and Fire dance perfomance. There is not complete without seeing a traditional Balinese dance performances when you travel to Ubud. Moreover, Ubud is considered as the art center of Bali. Very easy to find places that present dance performances in Ubud. However, the usual dance performances staged at night usuallyaround seven in the evening.

6. Shopping in Ubud Market. Sign into Ubud Market, you're greeted with bright colors. Traditional markets are located in the city center offers a variety of Balinese handicrafts. Start of woven bags, clothes that read Bali, Balinese traditional clothes, to sculpture and painting.

7. White water rafting at Ayung river. Ayung river is very famous for white water rafting in Bali. There are several operators rafting on the Ayung River. Rafting on the Ayung River in the category of class II and III and rafting on the river is suitable for beginners.

The uniqueness of rafting on the Ayung River is a panorama on the right and left of the river. Towering palm trees, the trees on the hill, until the rice terraces. Not only that, in the middle of the river rafting, you will be taken notice of Balinese artists in the form of a relief carving on rock cliffs Ramayana.

8. Say hello to the monkeys in Monkey Forest. Ubud is home of the monkey. You should stop by and take a walk in the Monkey Forest area. Here, the monkeys roam freely. Many tourists are eager to take pictures with the monkeys. But be careful sometimes mischievous monkeys pick up tourists. In the entrance area of the Monkey Forest, visitors are welcomed large-size statue of a monkey. When entering into a forest area of about 27 hectares of land, the atmosphere cool and beautiful welcome.




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