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Trash Posts Disturb Kuta Visitors

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DENPASAR, - Trash items that meet the Kuta beach, disturbing the comfort of tourists who will be celebrating New Year's Eve, Monday (01/08/2013). Entering the rainy season, waste shipment from different river every day adorn the coast of Kuta.

Trash-dominated branches and twigs of this tree apart disturb too dangerous for tourists who are active on the beach. "Feeling less comfortable, it's supposed to be the officer responsible for cleaning. Dangers for visitors as well," complained Sunarso, a tourist from Jember.

Parties Kuta Beach Task Force is asking for help to solve the problem Badung regency this garbage. Every day unloaded heavy equipment to haul tons of trash littering Kuta.

"This is our third time to come clean and start again. Terjunkan We also traders and heavy equipment to clean up the garbage," said Anak Agung Ngurah Tresna, head of Task Force Kuta Beach.

The problem this shit always happens every year when the rainy season. Within a day, the janitor cleaning the junk dealer assisted this post 3 times ie morning, afternoon and evening.




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