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Traveling With Tour Package, Follow These Tips !

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travelling use tour package

Two to three months before the holiday season arrives, in newspapers or magazines, often popping up ads tour package. Ranging from an economical, for example to go to Bangkok, Thailand, four days and three nights, just IDR 3,500,000 per person; until a special package, such as travel to Europe for two week's worth of 3,000 US dollars. When examined, the packages offered can be grouped into several categories. Here in between.

Individual packets

Individual travel package requires only for tourists as much as one or two people or for brides who want a honeymoon. This package is typically provided a travel agency only includes hotels, tourist attractions, lunch and dinner, the tour guide, and transportation during the visit. The advantages of this package is that it can set off as desired participants.

Typically, the purpose of which is offered to the individual package is not too far or countries that do not require a tourist visa for Indonesia. This package does not include airfare, so participants can choose the airline as needed. As with other travel packages, participants were asked to provide a tip for the tour guide and driver.

There are times when the individual package gives the participants an opportunity to change the agenda of a vacation destination. This can be done by negotiating a guided tour. Of course participant must bear the additional cost if required.

Family Package

This package is similar with individual package, but with participants that include immediate family, such as father, mother, and several children. Participants of this package can also be set off as desired or according to the availability of seats on the plane.

Noteworthy, the hotel provided a travel agency for these packages have different regulations for the guests who come with children. There are hotels that allow children under 12 years old to sleep in a bed with their parents. There is also obliging guests with children under 12 years old to rent an extra mattress.

The number of domestic tour packages offer families do not even hotels, but rather a guest house (guest house) with two or three rooms. For some people, this package is more efficient and attractive. Therefore, the guest house provides more complete facilities, such as cooking utensils and kitchen including a gas stove, refrigerator, dining table and chairs, a clothesline, and a washing machine.

Package group

Group travel package is usually designed with the participants of more than 10 people. This package is created and offered travel agencies at certain times. For instance, when the low season so the package price is cheaper, or when an airline opened a new route so as to hold the promotion of cheaper tickets.

Travelers who follow these packages must follow all regulations issued by travel agents during the trip. There is a need to be considered, the price of the package generally does not include the cost of obtaining a VISA if a tourist destination is the countries that require a VISA. If the participants rejected VISA applications, VISA processing fee can not be refunded. Participants were also asked to pay off the entire cost of some time before departing.

Participants must skillfully to manage their finances during the trip. Because, usually travel agents will invite the group stopped to shopping places for shop the souvenirs.

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