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Tukad Bangkung Bridge Bali

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The bridge that inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has the function to replaces the old tourist route that connects the streets of Denpasar, Sangeh, Petang, and Kintamani-Bangli that its location was 500 meters in the south from Tukad Bangkung Bridge. The old road is on bad condition also has a slope up to 40 degrees or very steep so that very heavy road field by large vehicles such as trucks or tour buses crossed this area. Tukad Bangkung Bridge construction also cut the mileage of the old route about 6 kilometers along.

Tukad Bangkung Bridge built using balanced cantilever technology, with the estimated life cycle for 100 years. The view of the bridge that built since 2001 are designed similar to other conventional bridge in Bali and are not built using a roof on it for reasons that do not reduce the surrounding scenery. USD $ 49 billion required to build Tukad Bangkung Bridge with pure funds budget comes from Bali Province Government.

It takes approximately 1 hour drive to north of Denpasar to reach the location of Tukad Bangkung Bridge. During the journey you will pass other interesting places such as Sangeh, Tanah Wuk, Petang Village, and Nungnung Waterfall. This bridge can also be accessed through the Kintamini route. Arriving at the location, you will see many small shops lined up in every corner of the bridge, and this shop is the right place to seing the scene of Tukad Bangkung Bridge. Incredible views of the bridge accompanied by the cool mountain air will relieve your fatigue. Admire the Tukad Bangkung Bridge as one of the highest bridge in Asia is worthy to included into your travel agenda during your stay in Bali.




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