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Ubud, the Global Arts Village

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Area is not so wide, once just a small kingdom, surrounded by verdant rice fields, river water runs clear, beautiful village charm. However, the Gods predetermine as a place full of glory, save natural and supernatural forces have a "red thread" to the development of Hinduism in Bali.

Artist colony of Ubud Village is now upgraded to the status of Ubud in Gianyar regency. Ubud consists of 13 hamlets with a total area of ​​732 hectares, has a population of approximately eleven thousand inhabitants.

Now ubud village has been becoming one of the destinations in the world, where people of different races in different parts of the world meet, feel the beauty and tradition of a sustainable society inherited from generation to generation.

Such conditions are now able to deliver the artist colony of Ubud in the top ten most favorite tourist destinations in the Asian version of the "Destinations TripAdvisor Travelers's Choice".

Rustic feel of Ubud is the ideal place to feel the Balinese massage and make it one of the best spa destinations in Asia. Ubud is also a center of art and culture, as well as many museums and galleries in the artist colony.

While the first ranked most favorite destinations in Asia is Beijing in China, followed by Hanoi (Vietnam) in the second position, and Siem Reap (Cambodia) in the third position chosen by millions of tourists users "TripAdvisor" from all over the world.

While the fourth Shanghai (China), fifth Bangkok (Thailand), the sixth Chiang Mai (Thailand), Hong Kong seventh, eight Ubud in Bali (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City nine (Vietnam), and ten Kathmandu (Nepal).

Ubud area is widely known by the international community is a boon and a blessing that can give life and well-being of the local community. It is spoken founder and manager of Arma Museum Ubud, Anak Agung Rai.

Respected local figures and have foresight in advancing and preserving the art of cultural, natural and environmental realize actually how beautiful Ubud, compared to other locations in Bali a lot nicer. But travelers still choose Ubud as a place for recreation and vacation.

All that can not be separated from the diversity of arts and culture community inherited from generation to generation. Ritual life remains steady and solid, reflected in the unity and mutual cooperation, and bear a shared responsibility.

Ubud community life of art and culture that it is aware of all the ease and grace in economics, welfare, safety, order and a sense of calm that is a sacred blessing. Therefore, religious activities can not be separated in everyday life, in addition to the development of art and culture is carried out intensively by the artist colony of Ubud. 

"Without the arts and culture activities, Ubud can be barren, not like tourists visit now," said Agung Rai who has the museum collected 248 paintings. 

Hundreds of paintings were arranged neatly in three main building units. Ranging from classic styles to display paintings of modern style as well as to explain the development of painting in Bali.


Guest Beauty Queen


Ubud artists who first combines elements of Eastern and Western art. They are able to offer a range of hues in the paintings, as well as add to the attraction of Bali in the international world. 

Therefore, always gets a visit Ubud important guests from various countries around the world. Among them Sachiko Fujita, Japanese beauty queen in his holiday in Bali deliberately make themselves enjoy the natural charm of Ubud in 2006. 

With dozens of journalists from print and electronic media Sakura, body postures slender woman with a height of 180 centimeters that had visited the Puri Saren Ubud. Large family of Puri Saren Cokorda Oka Artha Sukawati Ardhana specifically welcomed the arrival of important guests from the country of Japan.

Rice field in Tegalalang, Gianyar Bali


Based Tourism


Ubud area classified as rural according to him a very modern, yet its people still retain traditional values ​​and traditions. Ubud can even be used as a mirror to look at the relationship between modernization and tradition in Bali. 

From the various studies carried out by various parties during the show modernity Ubud is the impact of the economic recovery and global cultural influences. 

Most of the people of Ubud already over the function of an agricultural economy to a monetary economy, based on tourism, as well as pursue the craft sector and tertiary sectors related to tourism. 

"People who have to send their children to get an education as possible, every day hanging out with white people coming from various countries around the world," said Agung Rai.

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