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Unique, the Green Sand on this Beach like Olive

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The official name Papakolea Beach, but also known as Green Sand Beach or Mahana Beach. This beach is located near South Point, Ka'u District, Hawaii. The sand on the beach dark green like a olives. Actually Papakolea is one of the four green sand beach in the world. Papakolea addition, there is also Talofofo Beach, Punta Cormorant in Galapagos, and Hornindalsvatnet existing in Norway.

As written Wikipedia green color of beach sand caused by the volcanic material derived from Pu'u o Mahana volcano on the island. The volcano lava rich in silica mineral consisting of iron and magnesium. When lava cools, the mineral silica crystallized and turned into grains of green olivine crystals. olivine is a component of the mineral in general volcanic found in material volcanoes in Hawaii. Because the green color that sparkles like an emerald, olivine is considered by the local people as 'Diamond Hawaii'.

When Mount Pu'u o Mahana erupted about 10,000 years ago, the volcano spewed lava rich in silica minerals. When lava cools, it forms crystals of olivine. The olivine crystals mixed with other materials and cover the surface of the island, including parts of the beach. Gradually coastal areas experiencing erosion due to continuous exposure to the waves. But grains the crystal olivine more weight than other volcanic material. So when other volcanic materials waves swept, olivine crystals on the beach Papakolea remain there and make the coast look like watered green color as now.

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