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"Village and Heritage Tour" Other Ways to Enjoy Borobudur

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Bali Tour - Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, it has a special attraction to visit. Not only because heritage of the architecture of the Sailendra dynasty king temple was amazing, but also save natural surroundings million charm.

No one if the UN organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) began to move Village and Heritage Tour (VHT) for tourists. One program that introduces tourists to the natural beauty and diverse potential of creative industries in the villages around the Borobudur Temple.

This program is an educational tour that combines visits to temples in the region Borobudur and Prambanan and villages surrounding the creative industries.

Travelers who join the program will be invited to visit the locations of domestic industry, specifically gets assistance from UNESCO, as a manufacturer of unique batik Borobudur, business ceramic glazes and jams fruit production in the Community Gallery, Hamlet Kregilan, Karanganyar Village, Subdistrict Borobudur. Then visit the manufacturer of sugar and traditional snacks in the hillside village Purwosari Kembanglimus to traditional arts in the foothills Menoreh Karanganyar village.

In addition, travelers will also be invited to enjoy the sunrise (sunrise) from the hilltop Purwosari, or about 600 meters west Borobudur Temple. Sensation sunrise view more amazing because of the top of the hill about 400 meters above sea level as high as it looks anyway peak Borobudur Temple and summit of the Ayam Church.

This program can be useful for improving public awareness of the potential of local products respectively. And to cultivate a love of nature and the community with local knowledge Borobudur.

Without realizing it more and more often climbed, the stone Borobudur Temple will be damaged. So there are other ways to enjoy Borobudur Temple from the top of the hill this Purwosari. The scenery is much more beautiful because they can enjoy the sunrise, Ayam Church and nature Borobobudur is still beautiful.




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