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Village dolls in Japan

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When you visit Japan, there came to Nagoro village. There is a hidden uniqueness of this remote village, where the entire population is dolls usually played by girls.

When a Japanese artist, Ayano Tsukimi, returned to his village 11 years ago, he saw Nagoro village has been left to become deserted. These conditions are not such as he had not left the village.

To turning it on again, Ayano make their own puppets and everything is laid out in various village areas, such as fields, chairs, bridges, highways, schools as well. These efforts do to revive Nagoro village it once was. 

Uniquely, the dolls size as humans so very similar to the population of a village. He did not care how tired hand made ​​dolls to collect as many as 350 adult-sized pieces. Ayano felt has been in the village again.

Nagoro is a remote village located deep in the valley of the Shikoku island. Formerly, this area has a dam and a large company with hundreds of workers in it. However, the times makes people slowly moved to the big city for years. Most residents feel like to get a better job, so they need to leave the village.

Sounds a little creepy, how Ayano managed to bring the villagers with his hands adept at making dolls. The talent he has had for a long time, and he was very happy to do it. Although it is difficult to completely revive the village, he has his own way of doing it.




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