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Want to "Sandboarding" in Parangkusumo? Following This Tips

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Yogjakarta - sand boarding

Sensation of gliding over the sand dunes with a fairly steep slope makes the heart beat. When both legs began to be associated to the sled, ready to begin swiftly. Board of multiplex material will begin to divide sand.

Sports named sandboarding have been gaining popularity in Yogyakarta since 2014. Parangkusumo sand dunes located about 40 kilometers from Malioboro, Yogyakarta. Of sandbanks, tourists can see the sights Parangkusumo and also enjoy the sunset.

One of the tour guides sandboarding Yogyakarta, Muhammad Fadil Ramadan said sanboarding not an extreme activity and relatively safe so old that the young can do. He gives tips on doing sandboarding safe and enjoyable.

Toward safety

Although not categorized extreme sports, safety is the main objective in the tour special interest. Before playing sandboarding, do not forget to prepare safety equipment such as helmets, safety knees and hands, and do not forget to use the shoes. Beneficial shoes to protect feet from the hot sand are exposed to the sun and also scrapes the rock.

Keep valuables

Before you begin to slide, store valuables such as rings, necklaces, mobile phones, watches, wallets, and other items. It avoids that valuables are not lost when sliding on the sand.


After wearing the safety gear, the next is sliding. To start sliding on the sand, try to remain confident. The confidence will reduce the fear to start sliding.

Balanced position

Affect the balance of body position when sliding on the sand dunes. Try to position the body leaning slightly forward. Use both hands well to get a balance.


If playing sandboarding at noon, sandbanks will feel hot sting. The sun shines directly into the skating area. To keep skin healthy and protected from cancer due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, use sunscreen to protect the skin.

Food and Drink

If you are hungry and thirsty, do not worry because there is a shop selling food and soft drinks to fill a hungry stomach and a dry throat.

Gliding with pleasure

When gliding, express a sense of excitement by yelling or laughing. Remove the fear handcuff. Tired when climbing a hilltop, will be paid with pleasure when it began to slide back.


Travelers who want to try sandboarding charged IDR 125,000, already including guides and gear such as helmets, hand protector and knee protector.

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