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Welcomes Nyepi, Hindu In Yogyakarta Degree Melasti

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Thousands of Hindus in Yogyakarta Melasti ceremony held at Coast Parangkusumo Bantul, Saturday (03/09/2013) afternoon. This ceremony is a purification effort to welcome Nyepi celebrations and New Year Saka 1935.

The procession begins with paraded offerings and offerings of Ward Cepuri about 300 meters to the beach Parangkusumo. Offerings of fruit and processed whole chicken that laid out neatly on a long table lined yellow cloth.

There are also various denominations of money placed on the offerings are placed on bamboo boxes of various motifs. While the sounds of Balinese gamelan rencak splitting the ranks of average people wearing traditional costumes island.

"I was a student here (Yogyakarta). Melasti for me as an obligation because not merely ritual significance that has become trust people but also our culture (Hindu)," said Komang one Hindu who attend the Melasti ceremony.

As the name implies, means Melasti purification themselves with tirta begins by taking water from the ocean. Dozens Padande or religious leaders dressed in white walking towards the shore to fetch holy water vessel of yellow soccer ball.

Sea water is then put in a small vat filled with water from three springs. Water is a means of self-purification procession carried by splashing-splashed over the heads of all the people who attended.

In Hindu belief, pure water taken from nature will purify the human soul and purge themselves from the vices and animal passions.

"People need to purify ourselves to avoid bad traits. Melasti also as a means of self-introspection on what has been done so that the future can be better," said committee chairman, Gede Bayu Suparta.

Led by Queen Ida Begawan Manuaba a small stage sits right in front of the people in attendance, the ceremony took place Parangkusumo Melasti Beach hidmat. The sound of a small bell in hand Begawan shouted with a prayer in the form of spells that were offered to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa.

After the ritual, most of the offerings are arranged on the table brought to the edge of the beach to the sea floated. Procession float an offering is partly a symbol willingness to leave things worldly and self-cleaning facilities.

When the tide came in, the offerings were thrown into the sea even in a matter of minutes, the variety of goods it has moved into the hands of people who had come to hunt for a bargain offerings.

Chicken, grapes, bananas and even cash sheets and fifty thousand dollars to fight dozens of residents who previously had menunggu.Hanya dried rose flowers and baskets broken left stranded on the beach.

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