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When Attractions Freeze Like Ice

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As a tropical country, Indonesia has never experienced winters very cold and full of ice. This situation makes almost all attractions in Indonesia can be visited throughout the year, except during the rainy season the weather is bad. It's different with Indonesia or other countries which in the equatorial area, the countries which in a subtropical area to polar they experienced with winter so some tourist attractions sometimes not able to visit.

Let see some pictures below. All attractions which famous among traveler are frozen. According to you, Does destinations below so creepy or even turn out to be unique to worth a visit or will be photogenic when they are frozen

1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall China

As one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is always able to attract millions of people to come. Usually, when summer comes, this hundreds of kilometers wall which is similar to the fort is always full with visitors. It's different during high season when snows come, this area is so quiet because nearly all surfaces covered in white snow and frozen.

2. Niagara Waterfall

Niagara Waterfall

No doubt! Niagara waterfalls are one of the most powerful attractions which owned by Americans. Every year, 28 million people come here to watch the big and wide waterfall in the world. Look at the waterfall picture's above? Is it look horrible or charming? Water still flowed freely with the surrounding white and freezes.

3. Roman Forum

Roman Forum Italia

Roman Forum is the area of the ancient city of ancient Rome which had got up has a unique design. You can find a high building, boxes building, and several monuments are still intact. It is estimated that this area was built in the 1st century AD and became the most important buildings in Italy.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Since the first opened in 1886 ago, the most famous castle in Germany visited at least 1.3 million people every year. It is looming in the hills makes this castle is often called fairytale castle. Especially when winter arrives, really so white and impressive. This castle is the most photographed places in Germany.

5. Dal Lake

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the most crowded places in the Kashmir region of India. In the summer, thousands of people will come here to enjoy the stunning views of the lake by boat. Once winter arrives, activity in this area also become a frozen lake. Many boats can not operate because of the surface of the lake freezes.

6. Milano Cathedral

Milano Cathedral

Milano Cathedral is a must visit place in Europe that will not be missed by many travelers from many countries. With the design which semi-gothic building. Oh yes, the church can accommodate 40,000 worshipers at a time is more crowded during the winter. Why? Consider the photo above fine? How?

7. Michigan’s Point Betsie

Michigan’s Point Betsie

The building is located on the edge of Michigan Lake which always visited by many tourists when summer come. Built in the late 19th century, the building was used as a beacon to help ships to board and get into the area of Michigan Lake. When winter comes, the area is covered by snow and in some of the building are freeze.

8. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

The attractiveness of this national parks become world heritage sites of UNESCO are the stunning of their landscape. Rows of giant Sequola trees, waterfalls, granite hills and sky arena during the winter comes. In summer, this area is used as a camp and hiking area.

9. Seine River

Siene River

Seine River is the most important river in France which divides the country into two parts, left and right. Every day, the river became regional traffic of goods and other commercial businesses. Part of the river into the city filled with restaurants or places to hang out. At night, this area so full of fluorescent lights.

10. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park

As well as Yosemite, the park is also the world cultural heritage site which owned by UNESCO . The diversity of flora and fauna which exist there as well as the uniqueness of the landscape make this national park has always been a target of many people who want to do hiking or simply to enjoy a weekend camping.

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