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When the Full Moon Human Sleep Time Reduced

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In the journal Current Biology, the researchers propose human sleep hours reduced following the lunar cycle. Initially, known cycles of the moon - called circalunar clock - affect insects and reptiles. Later, it was also an effect in humans.

"Lunar cycle seems to affect human sleep, even when one does not 'see' the moon and moon phases are not aware of the truth," said study co-author Christian Cajochen, from the University of Basel in Switzerland.

In the research process, and his team Cajochen empelajari 33 volunteers in the laboratory. While they slept, the pattern of the subjects' brain, eye movement, and secretion of hormones monitored.

The analysis showed that during a full moon, the volunteers slept less and their brain activity associated with deep sleep fell 30 percent.

They also took about five minutes longer to fall asleep and showed reduced melatonin - a hormone known to regulate sleep and wake cycles.

Malcolm von Schantz, and circadian sleep researcher at the University of Surrey in England, called the new findings "exciting" because it creates a new contradiction to previous studies that failed to find a relationship between the moon and human behavior.

"Basically, every report published to date have failed to demonstrate a significant relationship between the phases of the moon and a number of behavioral and physiological parameters," said von Schantz. in an email to national geographic.
Evidence of local knowledge

Earlier times, when the full moon lit up the earth over. People go out and play. In some regions of the world, the full moon is also a good time to hunt. In addition, reduced sleep time to be more alert to the arrival of a wild animal.

"When there is more light during a full moon, the potential danger of a predator is more likely to occur," Cajochen opinion. Yes, the study ultimately understand the prevailing traditions of ancestors for generations.

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