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When the Outpouring of Blood is the Things that Most Expected During a Festival

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Bali Tour - Pasola Festival in Sumba

A festival typically filled with a variety of entertaining attractions can be like a carnival or festival contains various types of culinary tasty food. however festival in West Sumba district presents a different spectacle. Participants of the festival will be at war with a horse and a wooden javelin throw into the enemy while the audience expect are a lot of blood running in that event.

Pasola Its an annual festival held to welcome the growing season within the area of Sumba. Pasola means that an arcade game with a wooden javelin throw one another while riding a horse between 2 opposite teams. This competition use blunt javelin, but the risk of injury is still terribly possible if hit by the javelin.

According to information from the official website of East Nusa Tenggara tourism, Pasola held in four villages in West Sumba that Kodi, Lamboya, Wonokaka, and Gaura. This competition is held once a year in turns between february and March.

Bali Tour - Pasola Wooden Throwing Festival

Not everyone can be participated to this competition, because required talent to ride a horse and javelin throwing. competition participants should be ready and fearless to injuries or things any worse. in the past the competition had even result in fatalities. strangely the audience awaits the knights Pasola blood stream, they believe that the a lot of blood that dripped to the ground the more fertile land.

Otherwise if during this Pasola competition ended without the participants were wounded and bloody, the audience and all sides are disappointed because they are convinced that the agricultural year they'll not succeed because they fail to make offerings to the God of Earth in the form of blood. there's no time limit Pasola implementation. Pasola festival end discontinued by the elders when the knights look exhausted.

Although seem extreme, however when the festival was over they become friends and there's no sense of vengeance. So travler, do you dare to join in this festival?

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